7 Tips for a Longer Lasting E-Cig Battery

Extending the Life of Your E-Cig


One of the most brilliant aspects of electronic cigarettes is that they can be recharged. That fact alone can save you a lot of money in the long run. Spending $10 on a disposable e-cigarette may seem like big deal, but it adds up over time. A well-maintained rechargeable battery can last you for years, saving you tons money on replacement costs.

Rechargeable batteries are also much easier on the environment. Disposable batteries wind up in landfills, taking up space and potentially leaking dangerous chemicals in to the environment. Our lithium-ion rechargeable batteries won't last forever, but at least they can be recycled once they've run out of juice. 

All the batteries sold in our Starter Kits and Twist Kits are rechargeable, long lasting 900 mah capacity batteries, which will last about 33% longer than the 600 mah batteries which come in most starter kits. Still, they will eventually wear out with use. Fortunately, there are some things you can do get the most out of your electronic cigarette battery. 


Here are the top 7 things you can do to ensure a long battery life. 


1. Stay Dry & Keep Cool

It may seem obvious, but we often don't think about how our day to day activities may be harming our electronic devices. Try not to leave your e-cig anywhere it will be exposed to direct sunlight or heat. For example, leaving your e-cig on the dash of your car during a hot summer day could dramatically reduce your battery's life span. 

Of course, water and electricity don't mix well, so keep your battery away from any water. 

And be mindful of protecting your device from any drops or big bumps. Of course, for many people (myself included), this is just asking a little too much. Which is why I often use an electronic cigarette lanyard to avoid any accidents!


2. Recharge it Before It's Drained

Ideally, you should recharge your electronic cigarette battery before it's completely dead. Waiting until it has no juice left before you start charging it will almost certainly reduce the battery's life span.

Think of your battery as a freight train. It takes a less energy for a moving train to reach top speed than it does for a stationary train to get moving. The same idea can be applied to rechargeable batteries. It's better to keep it topped up, rather than having to bring it back from the dead all the time. The more often you do that, the shorter it's life will be. 

This is the reason why so many vapers like to keep extra batteries on hand. That way, you can easily switch to a new battery and recharge the one your using before it goes dead and not miss a beat. 


3. Use it Often

What do e-cig batteries have in common with cell phone batteries? They are both lithium-ion, which are designed to be used daily. Our electronic cigarette batteries benefit from regular use. The more often they are used, the easier power flows through a battery's cells. 


4. Don't Store Your Battery Less Than Half Charged

Much like recharging your battery before it's completely dead, it's a good idea not to store your e-cig battery for long periods of time with at least a 50% charge. Storing them with anything less than that and the battery will drain much faster. The harder it has to work to recharge, the shorter it's lifespan will be. 

We ship all our batteries to you with a 75% charge for this reason. We suggest you do the same if you plan on not using your e-cig for a longer period of time. 


5. Disconnect Tank From Battery When Not in Use

This is really only necessary when you're not using your electronic cigarette for long periods of time. Even when your tank (or cartomizer) isn't being powered by the battery when in use, it's always using a little bit of battery power while connected. Keeping the tank connected at all times slowly drains the battery,  increasing the time it it takes to charge it, meaning you will ultimately get fewer charges from the battery during it's lifespan.



6. Unplug the Battery When Done Charging

What do electronic cigarette and cell phone batteries not have in common? Cell phones are designed to stop charging once the charging cycle is complete. This means you can leave your phone on the charger for as long as you like without hurting the battery. Electronic cigarettes do not have this feature built in, so leaving it on the charger for longer than necessary can over charge and over work it, reducing its lifespan.  

It's best to unscrew the battery once the charging cycle is complete. On our Rare Air Battery Chargers, you can tell the charge is complete when the light on the charger turns from red (charging) to green (full). 


7. Clean the Connections

Here is another great tip to lengthen the life of your battery, and improve its performance in general. Make sure the contacts between the tank and the battery are always clean. Over time, the contact points can get a build up or dirt and dust, and even moisture from the e-juice. This can ruin a perfectly good battery altogether. Grab a cotton swab or Q-tip and soak it in alcohol, then rub the battery connection down until clean. It's also a good idea to wipe the threads of your battery while you're at it. 


Follow these practices, and you are sure to have an electronic cigarette that will last you for years. For more information on charging your electronic cigarette, you can also see our article on Safety Tips for Charging Your E-Cig.


As always, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all about charging your electronic cigarette. 

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