Sheet metal machinery


Metfab Equipment is a manufacturer and a retailer of machines for metal fabrication. Our machines are innovative, high quality and low in price. We manufacture custom sheet metal equipment according to your real need : - Press brakes - Electric folding machines - Shears - Iroworkers - Pipe Bending Machine - Sheet metal tools Why chose Metfab Equipment for your metal working machines ? Our metal working machines are innovative, automated and built according to your real needs. We offer you a full range of expertise on our products, tailored training in your company and unparalleled customer service. One of our best price/quality product are the CNC Press Brake PB series : The PB series are assembled in Canada with quality component, they are strudy, accurate, repetitive, and easy to use. They have a bending capacity from 30 to 800 tons and bending length from 3 to 24 feet or custom length


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