Handicraft demand on all time high.

When we say handicraft the first thing strike in to our mind is some decorative piece completely or partially made or carved with the naked hands. In this fast moving world of technology and industrialization many companies who have been blessed with inherited skills of handicraft have been moved to either some other money making industry or have started producing the same beauty with machines (but handmade crafts can still be easily differentiated with the one made by machines). I was going through an article some days back refers to Rusta (Swedish Retail store) have outsourced $40million handicraft to India which shows that there is a massive demand in west for the handicraft products. Another stats show that U.S and Canada have increased import of handicraft products by more than 20% from the year 2011-2012.

But there is still a big problem emerges for the buyers (both wholesale & retailers) because of the increasing demand of the industry and that gigantic problem is of fraudulent. With the surge in demand of handicraft products new players come in to the market and just by pouring some money in to this online business started to thug the buyers of this niche. Initially I thought that Alibaba.com can be a solution for this problem of searching for reliable buyer but then eventually I also found that there are too many fraudulent companies are operating quite 'successfully' than I researched on Infobanc.com but this website is utter disappointment for a genuine seller and I personally think that they have made proxy companies who send you enquiry for the product you are selling and once you buy their membership (without buying membership you cannot contact the buyer) you realize that you have been mugged!

So, I think it’s important for a seller to have prominent presence online so that the buyer can be bit more satisfied that particular person really exists and for that purpose one must have a LinkedIn account (and Facebook as well) along with the proper contact information on website.


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24 Sep 2013

By Masab Gadit